Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Firstly I am so sorry I haven't wrote for such a long time. Straight after my last post we had some horrible news in the family - and again the following week. So it simply didn't seem right to be blogging. Then more recently I have been "snowed" under with preperation for the fair (I will talk about that more in a minute!) and the shop!!

It has been super chilly this last week or so - with lots of snow & frost. My shop luckily hasn't been affected to much (touch wood) and luckily it seems customers are still venturing out in the cold weather! Its nice in a way as really does feel "Christmassy" now! I finally got round to decorating our living room and tree today. Can't wait to snuggle up at Christmas and have a couple of days of just eating, drinking, films, snuggles, fires & dog walks!

Our Chrismas tree x x x

Christmas 2010 x x x

So now we are all ready for santa!!

Right, heres the info on our fantastic Christmas Vintage & Handmade Fair & Tea Party! I have decided to organise this as I feel there really isn't enough going on for Vintage & Shabby Chic lovers in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. So wallahh! Now we have it! Its being held on the 11th December at the Madcap Theatre, Creed Street, Wolverton, Milton Keynes, Mk12 5LY. 10am-3pm. Please so pop by and show your support. Obviously if this goes really well we will be holding them more frequently. There are over 40 fantastic stalls with a huge variety of goodies, collectables, accessories, clothing, homeware, food etc. Also Facepainting for the children and a Tea Room with homemade Mince Pies.

Boutique 73 will have a stall there as well as many many other stalls.

Right - I had better get on with some more organising - but thought I would quickly mention all that! Will start writing again once the fair has been as will have more time.

Hope to see you at the fair, Laura x x x


  1. Congrats on a fabulous fair, I hope it was successful enough for it to be a regular occurance??

    I picked up a couple of gorgeous bracelets but I loved looking round at everything - if only the space was bigger so everyone could comfortably wander round!

  2. Loved the fair Laura was an absolute success for me and my crocheted friends :o)
    I am crocheting wildly to get your pony finished before christmas.
    I purchased quite a few things at the fair which I love!! and my sister purchased a mickey scrabble piece ring from your stall on the day she loves it :o)
    You will definately be seeing me at future fairs

    Merry Christmas

    Katherine x

  3. Just wanted to let you know, I have awarded you with a One Awesome Blog award - see my post here:

    Please keep blogging! You inspire me!