Monday, 27 September 2010

Drizzly Monday x x

Today was wet and drizzly outside - but from inside you wouldn't have noticed. The shop was still busy - even though normally when its miserable we are quieter as everyone seems to stay indoors where its warm and cosy! But not today - they still popped out to visit us - which was lovely - thank you!
We managed to get lots of new stock out in the shop. Below is a sample of some of the new bits that are in our shop from today:

Beautiful Blue & White Jug £4.50

Floral Vintage Milk Jug £2.50
Vintage Floral Tea Cup, Saucer & 2 side Plates £3.99

Blondie H&M Vest Top Size 10 £6

Heavy Large Pair of Candlesticks £16 - available from tommorrow!

Floral Large Puff Footstool £24 - available from tommorrow!
Had a tidy & fill up around the shop as the busy weekend had its impact on it! And spent the rest of the day catching up on work and house work (never ending!). 

My boutique x x x

After shutting up the shop at 6pm I had to rush home to meet another lovely lady at my home to purchase more stock. It was like Christmas going through it all! As always I have kept some for my own house and couldnt wait to pop them round the house - please see below:

I love my new chair! Although I do not often like modern pieces - I couldnt resist this little gem - looks perfect in our dining room and am chuffed to bits with it!
More floral vintage china for my bedroom - can never have enough!
My new china in amongst my other bits and bobs!

3 Vintage Floral Egg Cups and Stripey Sugar Bowl - in my pantry Cupboard
I am sooooo pleased with these (as ever) and they already feel like they have always been part of our home. After sorting through all of this and the shop stock Adam arrived home from work - not happy because the shop stock was blocking our hallway and he couldn't get in the house! Whoops! Managed to dig my way through to him so he could squeeze through - got to stay in his good books as will need his help in the morning getting it all to the shop!
Made a quick and easy dinner tonight as feeling a bit tired - got a sore throat coming on - haven't got time to be ill. We had Chicken pasta with Creamy Tomato sauce and salad. Well - Adam didn't have salad - he's a meat and potato kinda guy! 

My dinner tonight - simple but scrumptious!
Went down a treat with a little parmesan. Then the perfect end to the evening was the perfect bath. I have decided to spend less time working at nights and try to chill out a little. So this evening I had a soak in the tub...

The perfect bath! Consisting of: Very hot water, Relaxing M&S Lavender Bubble Bath, Lavender Bath Salts, Candles, A good book, Handfull of Cadburys Roses, Glass of wine and filofax to hand - just incase I think of any "to do's" or ideas I need to scrawl down before I forget! NO mobile phone is a must!

Scrummy...candle lit x x x
And now I am snuggled in my dressing gown in front of the telly with Adam (munching on popcorn!) and Pooches (munching on their treats!) - reliving my day on here. I am very much enjoying this Blog as I will be able to look back and remember everything. After giving diaries many attempts but never keeping them up I am hoping to continue with this! Much more fun and catch attach photos to capture moments.

Sweet Dreams x x x

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